Heraeus/Fusion UV Systems

Heraeus/Fusion UV Systems

Heraeus/Fusion UV System Applications

Heraeus/Fusion UV’s produces a variety of electrodeless, microwave-powered UV curing lamp systems that are ideal for curing inks and coatings. These systems have many applications including:

Highly Efficient 

Engineered to deliver up to 8,000 hours of lamp life at >90% output, these devices outlast arc lamp systems by thousands of hours. Heraeus/Fusion UV curing systems provide reliable, stable, and efficient operation with minimal maintenance requirements. 

Seamless Design

 By design, Heraeus/Fusion UV lamps can be placed end-to-end to provide a larger cure width with uniform coverage and no breaks. For example, three Heraeus/Fusion UV lamps with 6” bulbs can be installed together to create a seamless 18” cure area.

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Heraeus/Fusion UV Models 

  • UV F300 Series: This reliable, economical UV curing system utilizes a 6”, 300 watt/inch, microwave-powered lamp for superior performance in a compact package. The F300 Series is the preferred R&D tool for chemistry formulation, ink proofing, and cleanroom applications. Designed for use with Heraeus/Fusion UV’s LC6B UV curing conveyor
  • UV F450 Series: The F450 delivers the same superior performance as the F300, but uses a 10” lamp with 300 watt/inch output. These dependable systems provide functional and decorative finishes on a variety of substrates—cans, bottles, folding cartons, glass, wood products, and more.
  • UV F600 Series: With a 10”, 600 watt/inch bulb, the F600 delivers double the power of the F300. This higher power output increases UV curing effectiveness, provides faster curing times, and effectively cures very thick coatings. For added versatility, a High/Low switch allows the user to toggle between 600 and 400 watts of power.
  • Light Hammer 6: The power output of this UV curing system is adjustable from 25% to 100%, in 1% increments, for precise curing applications. Features a 6” bulb delivering about 500 watt/inch. Rapid cycling is also possible to mimic an electronic shutter. Fits the LC6B UV curing conveyor or any 6” lamp system.
  • Light Hammer 10: Provides a maximum of 600 watt/inch, adjustable from 35% to 100% in 1% increments for fine-tuned UV curing. Advanced technology and features deliver superior flexibility and unrivaled reliability in all applications.

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