Excelitas Noblelight / Heraeus / Fusion UV Bulbs

Microwave powered electrodeless lamp spectral output

UV Bulb Spectrum Graphs
  • F300 Series: This reliable, economical UV curing system utilizes a 6”, 300 watt/inch, microwave-powered lamp for superior performance in a compact package. The ever popular “H”, “D” and “V” bulb spectra are in stock and currently available.
  • F450 Series: The F450 delivers the same superior performance as the F300, but uses a 10” lamp with 300 watt/inch output.
  • F600 Series: With a 10”, 600 watt/inch bulb, the F600 delivers double the power of the F300. This higher power output increases UV curing effectiveness, provides faster curing times, and effectively cures very thick coatings.
  • Light Hammer 6: The power output of this UV curing system is adjustable from 25% to 100%, in 1% increments, for precise curing applications. Features a 6” bulb delivering about 500 watt/inch.
  • Light Hammer 10: Provides a maximum of 600 watt/inch, adjustable from 35% to 100% in 1% increments for fine-tuned UV curing. Advanced technology and features deliver superior flexibility and unrivaled reliability in all applications.
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