IST Intech formerly Integration Technology

Integration Technology is now IST Intech, a world leader in LED UV curing systems. Their LED UV devices outperform the competition and provide dependable, uniform UV curing in any application. Compact designs and energy-saving LED bulbs, and LED UV systems are the gold standard.

Widely used for label printing, wide format printing, and medical device manufacturing, these UK-made UV curing systems are available in a range of configurations (linear, area, etc.) and nanometer options.

We also carry IST Intech's compact, high performance arc lamp UV curing systems.

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High Performance LED UV Curing Technology

MZero LED: A highly compact, user-friendly system, the MZero LED provides a class-leading size to power ratio. Plug-and-play capabilities allow for easy machine integration or installation in the field. Ideal for inkjet applications, sealings and coatings for electronics, and similar operations. Additional features include instant on/off, variable power settings, and low temp/high output performance.

SubZero LED: This innovative, air-cooled UV LED system offers variable output (0-100%) for a wide variety of UV curing applications. This lightweight device is built in a compact footprint that allows for the creation of a fully-featured miniature UV curing system. Though specially engineered for inkjet printing, the SubZero LED is effective in a range of applications.

LEDZero Solidcure 2: Providing class-leading dose and unmatched linearity of output, this LED UV curing system is designed for easy integration. The LEDZero Solidcure is built in a slim, ultra-compact architecture that is fully scalable in length, allowing it to be tailored to meet even the widest UV LED requirements. Variable output adds flexibility and enables fine-tuned curing.

LEDZero Pincure: The LEDZero Pincure offers an unparalleled level of precision for UV curing applications. Using just 20W of electricity, it creates an intense beam of UV that cures ink as it is jetted onto the substrate. Built into a light, compact package, the LEDZero Pincure is easy to integrate in any existing system.

LEDZero VTwin: Designed for demanding inkjet UV pinning and UV curing applications, the LEDZero VTwin delivers double the UV output of the Pincure model. This small, lightweight, high intensity UV curing system uses solid state, air-cooled technology to provide up to 20,000 hours of working life.

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