Corona And Plasma Surface Treatment Equipment

Corona / Plasma Surface Treating & Dust Removal Systems

Corona surface treatment and Plasma surface treatment equipment is used to “prime” a surface prior to the printing, coating, or painting process. DoctorUV offers reliable, high-performance plasma and corona surface treatment solutions from industry-leading manufacturers. Our corona surface treatment equipment offers an extremely efficient method to increase surface energy and improve adhesion in printing, laminating and any other application requiring effective surface treatment. We also carry the full line of SDI web cleaning and dust removal products to protect equipment and printed materials from dust and particulate contamination in any printing environment.

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Corona vs. Plasma Surface Treatment

Corona treatments use ionized air without the use of any additional gasses in order to pretreat and active a surface prior to printing, gluing or laminating. Because plasma treatment relies on ionized atmospheric air in a gaseous state, the result is a comprehensive coating intended to improve the wettability and adhesion of different surfaces.
Plasma systems are used when corona treatment, which utilizes only air, is unable to produce the desired treatment results. Plasma treatment requires additional gases to ionize. These gases can include argon, nitrogen and helium. Plasma systems produce higher and longer-lasting effects than corona but can be more expensive.

Surface Treating & Dust Removal Products

Surface Treating Systems

DoctorUV is proud to be a trusted supplier of corona surface treatment solutions from Enercon and TriStar.

Dust Removal Products

We carry SDI web cleaning products designed to protect equipment and printed materials from dust and particulate contamination in any printing environment.

Benefits of the Corona And Plasma Surface Treatment Process

The primary function of corona surface treatment and plasma surface treatment is to provide better and longer-lasting adhesion by removing dust and particulate contamination from surfaces. This improves the quality of your printed products while improving overall print quality. The unique corona and plasma treatment processes allow for gas to be utilized, creating a more time-effective treatment process that doesn’t have to be applied by hand. Surface treatment products are incredibly versatile and can meet a variety of industry needs. These treatment processes can increase productivity thanks to faster press speeds while reducing scrap.
Our in-stock SDI web cleaning and dust removal products remove unwanted particles as small as one micron. Dust removal rollers lift particulate matter without the need for liquids or sprays and are easy to change. We also offer service and repair on corona and plasma surface treatment systems.

Surface Treatment Related Industries

Corona treatment solutions, plasma treatment solutions and dust removal systems can be beneficial for end-users, OEM’s and any advanced application. Frequent industries served include:
  • Military Applications
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Wire/Cable Manufacturing,
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronic & More

Surface Treatment Product Applications

Plasma / Corona Surface Treatment Applications

Our supply of surface treatment systems can be used with a variety of materials, including plastic, glass, rubber, silicone, PTFE, and other materials. These devices temporarily modify the substrate’s surface energy, making it more receptive to inks, paints, and coatings for better and longer-lasting adhesion. Frequent uses include:
  • Web Applications
  • Bottle Printing
  • Plastic
  • Wire Processors
  • Fiber Optics

Dust Removal Systems

Dust removal systems are incredibly versatile and can be used with PCBs, computers and electronic devices, laser optics, medical devices and more.

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