Germicidal Light Systems for Disinfection

Disinfection is an essential operation in many industries and facilities. With UV light, harmful bacteria, molds, viruses, including Coronavirus, and other harmful microorganisms are removed instantaneously. Germicidal UVC lamps are a fast and efficient solution for sanitization that eliminates pathogenic microorganisms using ultraviolet light. Understand germicidal light systems, how to determine a suitable UVC lamp solution for your operation, and the benefits of germicidal lamps.

UVC Germicidal Systems

Ultraviolet light systems using shortwave or germicidal UVC light will kill up to 99.9% of organisms, such as bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and viruses, in seconds without chemicals. High-performance germicidal light systems offer a fast and efficient disinfection solution for medical settings and commercial environments like ambulances, offices, restaurants, grocery stores, and waiting rooms by inactivating bacteria and viruses with UVC wavelengths. A short ultraviolet wavelength, UVC operates at 200-280 nanometers to prevent bacteria and other hazardous microorganisms from contaminating surfaces. DoctorUV offers an extensive catalog of germicidal lamps, UV sanitizer lights, and sanitizing liquid solutions.

What Germicidal Lamp is Right for Your Operation?

When using high-quality germicidal light systems, the UV decontamination process is simple and economical. UVC germicidal systems can be employed as a standalone solution or combined with other methods like filters, ozone, and chemicals. Every project, operation, and organization is unique, with different challenges and requirements. DoctorUV offers detailed recommendations for sterilization solutions by conducting an analysis of:
  • The size of the area or item to be disinfected
  • The required process time
  • The types of microorganisms to be eliminated
Once we have discussed your processes, applications, and requirements, we can recommend a solution tailored to your needs. We can also offer performance and safety options with recommendations for UV equipment, spare parts, process monitoring, and safety training.

Performance & Safety Benefits

Combining performance and safety, DoctorUV supplies a line of germicidal UV-C lamps and equipment individually or as part of a solution package. Germicidal light system packages include spare UV lights, accessories, and a UV light meter for process control. In addition to UV lamp components, our packages include training for health and safety products, as well as risk assessment and hazard awareness.
Germicidal lamps from DoctorUV come with comprehensive operating, maintenance, health, and safety manuals. Many include information on maximum permissible exposure times for skin and eyes following strict compliance standards with US threshold limit value (TLV) specified as hazardous in the 1994-1995 publications by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH).
Contact us with any questions regarding the performance and safety benefits included in our germicidal light system packages.

Advantages of Germicidal UVC Lamps

UVC germicidal systems offer an array of benefits to many applications in varied industries. With a peak UV light output measuring 254 nm, our germicidal light systems can help minimize the spread of harmful mold, bacteria, and viruses, including Coronavirus. At DoctorUV, our UV equipment suite provides several disinfection options, including hand lamps, trolley-style lamps, aluminum-bodied systems, and stainless steel housing lamps. Discover environmentally-friendly, chemical-free germicidal lamps from DoctorUV.

Additional Sterilization Solutions Offered by DoctorUV

Bulk sanitizer from DoctorUV contains an 80% volume of ethanol to comply with WHO formulation guidelines and CDC guidelines for hand rub sanitizers and disinfectants. An excellent sanitizing solution, our disinfectants and sanitizers kill microorganisms when soap and water are not available, and they are ideal for helping to stop the spread of germs and infections. Disinfectants and sanitizers are available by the box or pallet in the following volumes:
  • 1/2 Gallon Case/Pallet
  • 1 Gallon Case/Pallet
  • 5 Gallon Pallet
  • 50 Gallon Drum
  • 330 Gallon Tote

Contact Us for High-Quality Germicidal Light Systems & Sterilization Solutions

With decades of experience developing extensive UV light solutions, DoctorUV is your knowledgeable source for UVC germicidal systems, as well as germicidal surface and hand sanitizers. Our expert staff is ready to help you determine a suitable UVC sterilization solution that meets the needs of your operation.

Contact DoctorUV for more information or request a quote today. View our inventory of refurbished UV equipment or learn about our premium repair services for your UV systems and equipment.

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