UV Spare Parts

UV Bulbs & Spare Parts

We stock nothing but genuine OEM UV bulbs and replacement UV bulbs from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. We can duplicate almost any UV lamp to fulfill custom orders, and we use double-burned lamps made of ultra-pure quartz to remove impurities and improve lamp quality. All of our lamp duplication processes take place here in the USA. Popular bulb and spare part products include:

UV InkJet Printer Spare Parts

DoctorUV is fully stocked on genuine OEM InkJet printer spare parts and related equipment from leading manufacturers Hereaus/Fusion UV and Integration technology. We offer Hot mirrors & Dichroic reflectorsUV Replacement Bulbs and Replacement Quartz Plates to fit with your existing UV printing system. Additional replacement parts include reflectors, cables, cable assemblies, power supplies and more. We also offer American-made custom replacement UV lamps. These lamps are reverse-engineered through your UV printer’s original bulbs for improved accuracy and are a more cost-effective solution than standard replacement UV lamps.
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