• VelaCure 3D UV Curing System

3D UV Curing Chambers

Post-processing can be messy and time-intensive, but provides stability and hardness for printed resin products. 3D UV curing chambers are an effective solution that simplifies post-processing for resin products. DoctorUV offers state-of-the-art 3D UV curing technology.
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3D UV Curing Technology from DoctorUV

Manufacturing parts and components from resin benefits from a post-production curing process to strengthen the material for a reliable and well-finished product. Curing chambers using 3D UV technology use wavelengths from a UV light source to efficiently cure resin products without part rotation. DoctorUV 3D UV curing chambers are revolutionary, using a single lamp source to achieve 360°curing. Compatible with all UV-responsive adhesives and coatings, 3D UV curing technology from DoctorUV exposes resin parts to a complete field of light, resulting in a uniform cure for even the most complex resin products.

Automated Curing System Maintenance

Regularly servicing and cleaning curing chambers extends the life of the lamp and reflector and provides consistent production. Routine cleaning delivers high-performance operations, with a clean bulb and reflector reaching the full UV spectrum of UVA, UVB, UVC, and UVV. We provide a step-by-step guide on how to perform simple maintenance on UV lamps.
3D UV curing chamber maintenance should be conducted semi-regularly to replace old components. DoctorUV provides curing system repair services from expert technicians, including part replacements for lamps, reflectors, magnetrons on microwave lamps, capacitors, ballasts, mercury contactors, and shutter pneumatics.

Choosing a 3D Curing Chamber for Operations

DoctorUV 3D UV curing chambers are automated, with perfectly repeatable UV dose control. Consider the following when selecting an automated curing system for post-processing operations:
  • Maximum curing volume capabilities and length of curing time
  • Resin material compatibility
  • Turntable functionality and part rotation requirements
  • User interface and experience
The VelaCure 12 and MiniCure 3D offer beneficial features for post-production resin curing. Using complete and uniform light fields, DoctorUV 3D UV curing technology provides high-quality curing for resin products.

VelaCure 12

The VelaCure 12 features patented UV curing technology surrounding components in sustained and invariable UV light fields for a thorough curing process. It is a high-performing 3D UV curing chamber that streamlines post-processing that is ideal for cylindrical or irregularly shaped components. Characteristics of the VelaCure 12 include the following:
  • 360° complete cure in seconds
  • Products stay cool, with no over-curing
  • Compatible with UV irradiator, microwave, and arc lamps
  • Can be configured for use in production lines
  • Cures dimensions up to 8” x 8” x 8”

MiniCure 3D

The MiniCure 3D UV light guide evenly disperses light input within the curing chamber for a uniform light field, providing a complete and even cure. Offering a convenient, high-performance 3D UV curing system, the MiniCure 3D is ideal for medical applications such as adhering balloons or hubs, and catheters. Additional features of the MiniCure 3D include:
  • Full 360° uniform cure in seconds
  • No over-curing or product overheating
  • Reduced maintenance with a single-pole light guide
  • Can use arc or LED spot cure UV light source
  • Compatible with all UV spot cure light guides
  • Standard and custom bushing sizes for secure product positioning
  • Cure length dimensions up to 4” (100 mm)
  • Offers a single station for assembly, dispensing, and curing

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