3D UV Curing

The revolutionary design of the DOCTORUV 3D UV curing systems allows users to achieve 360° UV cure from a single lamp source, with no part rotation or light guide repositioning required. This state-of-the-art technology is perfect for curing UV-responsive adhesives and coatings of all types.

360° UV Curing

Our patent-pending DOCTORUV 3D UV curing technology uses a single light source to create homogenous UV energy throughout the curing chamber. A part anywhere in the chamber will be exposed to a complete and uniform light field. It’s like bathing your parts in a pool of UV, resulting in a uniform cure in seconds—even for the most complex parts.

By eliminating the need for part rotation and multiple light sources, DOCTORUV 3D UV curing systems eliminate hot spots, and lower maintenance costs. Parts stay cool, and there’s no overcuring.

Automated, Repeatable UV Dose Control

Both DOCTORUV 3D models offer automated, perfectly repeatable UV dose control (Minicure 3D Plus) The user-friendly touchscreen interface allows you to input the dose needed to cure your parts (in J/cm2). From there, the system will automatically monitor UV levels reaching your part(s) and adjust the cure time and intensity until the prescribed dose is achieved. This ensures consistent UV curing, part after part, regardless of the age of your lamps or light guides.

MiniCure 3D

The MiniCure 3D is a convenient, performance UV curing station, perfect for medical applications such adhering balloons or hubs to catheters. Light input from any common light guide is evenly dispersed within the MiniCure 3D’s UV curing chamber, resulting in an extremely uniform light field and a complete, even cure.
  • Full 360° uniform cure in seconds
  • Cured products stay cool—no overcuring
  • Uses single-pole light guide for reduced maintenance costs
  • Uses either arc or LED spot cure UV source
  • Compatible with all spot cure light guides
  • Bushings facilitate secure product positioning (standard and custom sizes available)
  • Cure length up to 4” (100 mm)
  • Can serve as a single station for assembly, dispensing, and curing—no part transfer between stations required


The VelaCure12 is a convenient, high performance UV curing station, perfect for cylindrical or irregularly-shaped parts. Patented technology surrounds your parts in uniform UV light for a complete, even cure. Light from a single UV irradiator is evenly dispersed within the VelaCure12, resulting in an extremely uniform light field.

The VelaCure12 3D UV curing system can be configured with a variety of features for uses from R&D to fully-automated production. Options include front or side access ports for part insertion, manually adjustable apertures or pneumatic shutters, and more. DoctorUV can provide custom setups designed to meet your unique requirements.
  • Ideal for irregularly-shaped parts that are challenging to cure with conventional UV
  • Full 360° uniform cure in seconds
  • Products stay cool, with no overcuring
  • Compatible with UV irradiator, microwave lamps, or arc lamps
  • Configurable for production line use
  • Cures parts up to 8” x 8” x 8”

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