UV Light Curing Equipment

As a process, UV light curing provides advantages over traditional curing processes. With an environmentally conscious near-instant curing process, UV light curing systems are an ideal upgrade for industrial curing operations. DoctorUV is a trusted supplier of UV light curing technology with a variety of system options to choose from. We look forward to helping you understand UV light curing processes, our system offerings, and the benefits and applications of UV light curing equipment.

Light Curing Processes of UV and UV LED Curing Systems

UC Curing was adopted commercially in the 1960s, UV light curing provides advantages over other drying and curing methods. Using intense ultraviolet (UV) light, compatible inks, adhesives, and coatings react via photopolymerization rather than evaporation. UV LED curing systems offer efficient technologies featuring high speeds, low temperatures, and an essentially solvent-free production method. Through the photochemical reaction, UV light curing systems can achieve near-instantaneous curing, increasing production speeds and reducing rejection rates. Learn about UV light curing equipment offerings from DoctorUV.

3D UV Curing Equipment

A single-source UV light curing system, 3D UV curing systems popular with the medical, optical and 3D printing are ideal for UV-responsive adhesives and coatings. 3D curing equipment achieves 360°curing without part rotation or multiple light sources. High-quality 3D UV curing equipment from DoctorUV offers automated and repeatable UV dose control.

ARC Lamp Systems

UV ARC lamp systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Featuring adjustable power outputs andmedium life UV bulbs, UV ARC lamps are excellent for fine-tuned processing.

Microwave UV Systems

Ideal for curing inks and coatings, microwave UV systems offer an electrode-less curing operation. Microwave UV systems are highly efficient and used in a variety of industries, including medical device manufacturing, R&D, cleanroom applications, and more. DoctorUV supplies offerings from top manufacturer Heraeus/Fusion.

Spot Cure Systems

DoctorUV offers a selection of spot-cure UV systems, including new models, refurbished equipment, and rental spot-cure systems. Our offerings include short arc, high power LED and hand-held LED technology from leading manufacturers. We also offer spare lightguides and bulbs for Lesco Green Spot, EFOS, Dymax, OMNICURE and more.

UV LED Light Curing Equipmen from Leading Manufacturers

UV LED curing systems increase productivity and provide benefits for curing processes using heat-sensitive substrates. A near-instant eco-conscious operation, UV LED curing equipment also eliminates the negative impact of traditional methods. We offer many UV LED systems for Spot cure, Inkjet, Web, Flat line, 3D curing, pinning in Air and Water Cooled from Phoseon, Heraeus, DoctorUV LED, IST Intech and more.

UV Measurement Devices

Essential to worker safety and validation processes, UV measurement devices allow for the measurement of UV levels. UV measurement devices are crucial to UV operations by establishing and maintaining ideal performance quantities. We proudly offer UV validation for the leader EIT 2.0. They offer many styles like the UVCURE Plus, Power Punk ii, LED cure, Microcure, EIT Spotcure, UVKey Germicidal and 24/7 online UV Monitoring Systems. We also offer the DDU 6D UV safety meter.

UV Conveyors

An excellent addition to Productinon, labs and ideal for R&D, UV conveyors can be paired with a variety of UV lamp curing systems. We offer UV conveyors featuring cure widths up to 40”, supporting a range of wavelengths and UV source types like arc, microwave and LED, with other high-quality characteristics for improved performance, ease, and efficiency. DoctorUV can design a custom UV conveyor solution based on your requirements.

UV Light Curing System Benefits

Opting for UV light curing in your operations offers many production benefits. A highly repeatable and automated solution for curing UV-responsive inks, coatings, and adhesives, UV light curing systems provide advantages including:
  • Improved Physical Properties
  • Reduces Processing Time & Cost
  • No Wait Time
  • Improved Hardness & Superior Bonding Strength
  • Excellent Resistance to Scratches, Abrasions, & Solvents
  • Higher Finish Gloss & Visually Appealing Finish
  • Requires Minimal Floor Space & Energy
  • Increases Yield while Minimizing Scrap

Applications for UV Light Curing Equipment

Able to cure UV-responsive adhesives, coatings, and inks almost instantaneously, UV light curing has proven helpful in a broad spectrum of industries and applications. UV curing benefits operations in medical and scientific device manufacturing, 3D and digital printing, and artistic and educational industries. Medical products can now be produced at a higher volume and reduced cost due to the efficiency of UV light curing.

UV Light Curing Equipment from Leading Manufacturers

The vast availability at DoctorUV includes offerings from leading UV equipment manufacturers: Heraeus, American Ultraviolet, LESCO, IST Intech and Heraeus/Fusion.

Heraeus/Fusion UV Light Curing Systems

Heraeus/Fusion is a leading manufacturer of microwave UV curing systems. Offering a variety of electrode-less, microwave-powered UV curing solutions, microwave UV systems are ideal for curing inks and coatings. These systems are engineered to deliver up to 8,000 hours of lamp life at >90% output, with minimal maintenance. Popular models from Heraeus/Fusion include:

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DoctorUV is a premium distributor of UV curing solutions. Additionally, we are proud to be the only full-service UV equipment repair facility on the West Coast. Our inventory includes the required components to repair your UV system to OEM specifications to keep your systems and operations running smoothly. With comprehensive inspection and refurbishing services performed by our certified, experienced technicians working closely with our service and support team. We offer on-site repairs for reduced operational downtime, and our innovative UV validation tools ensure complete and accurate repairs on all UV products and equipment.

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