Custom UV Equipment

Drawing on years of experience and engineering know-how, DoctorUV can create custom UV equipment that meets your unique requirements. Let us know what you need—we can provide everything from custom UV conveyors to handheld plasma guns to fully automated catheter loading systems.

See individual product listings below for additional information and specifications.

Custom UV Conveyors

DoctorUV can provide custom UV conveyors up to 72” across for wide-format printing and other applications. We use premium quality components and our unparalleled knowledge of UV processes to deliver the high performance UV conveyors our customers need. Learn more about custom UV conveyors now.

Custom Catheter Coating Systems

Our custom catheter coating systems are fully automated for fast, easy processing. With a dip coat/sponge wipe station, a plasma treatment station, and a 3D UV curing station, DoctorUV catheter coating systems do more work in less time. Learn about Custom Catheter coating systems today!

Custom UV Roll Coaters

We can custom-tailor UV roll coaters to match our customers’ exact specifications. We have the technology and the expertise to deliver the perfect custom UV roll coater for your unique application. Want to know more? Find out more about custom UV roll coaters from Doctor UV.

Contact DoctorUV today to learn more or get a quote on the custom UV equipment you need.