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A Trusted Provider of Industrial UV Conveyors, UV Systems & UV Equipment

Drawing on years of experience and engineering know-how, DoctorUV can create custom UV equipment that meets your unique requirements. Let us know what you need—we can provide everything from custom UV conveyors to handheld plasma guns to fully automated catheter loading systems.

See individual product listings below for additional information and specifications or Contact a DoctorUV expert today and let’s discuss custom UV equipment for your next project.

UV LED Exposure Systems

We offer customized UV LED exposure systems to meet your specific needs in addition to UV LED exposure system service and repair. Our UV LED screen exposure systems feature high-output bulbs with a lifespan starting at 10,000 hours of actual use for repeatable, cost-effective screen exposures. These UV LED exposure units expose screens evenly and don’t require long cool-down times.

Custom UV Conveyors

DoctorUV can provide custom UV conveyors to fit your specific needs, including UV conveyors up to 72” across for wide-format printing and other applications. We use premium quality components and our unparalleled knowledge of UV processes to deliver the high-performance UV conveyors our customers need. Conveyors are built to withstand around-the-clock production cycles and are designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial applications.

Custom Catheter Coating Systems

Our custom catheter coating systems are fully automated for fast, easy processing. With a dip coat/sponge wipe station, a plasma treatment station, and a 3D UV curing station, DoctorUV catheter coating systems do more work in less time. These systems utilize UV energy to cure coatings and assure 100% coating without damaging the catheter surface. Catheter coating systems can be customized to specific user requirements. We can provide UV catheter coaters to coat multiple catheters at once for faster throughput. Learn about Custom Catheter coating systems today!

Custom UV Roll Coater Supplier

We can custom-tailor UV roll coaters to match our customers’ exact specifications. We have the technology and the expertise to deliver the perfect custom UV roll coater for your unique application. DoctorUV offers UV roll conveyors with adjustable speeds, adjustable heads and custom light shielding to meet application-specific requirements. UV Coating capabilities, feeders and stackers can be added upon request. UV roll coaters are available in standard and specialty sizes.

Want to know more? Find out more about custom UV roll coaters from DoctorUV. 

UV & UV LED Systems and Equipment for Multiple Industries

We utilize industry-changing technology ideal for curing all types of UV-responsive adhesives and coatings in manufacturing, R&D processes, formulating and more. Specific uses include but are not limited to:

Why Choose DoctorUV For Custom UV Equipment

With over 100 years of combined experience helping manufacturers get their products to market, DoctorUV has the expertise needed to meet your UV curing project requirements. We have experience creating custom UV equipment for multiple applications and are always looking forward to our next challenge. In addition to our customization capabilities, DoctorUV also has a fully stocked inventory of high-quality, pre-owned UV systems and equipment from trusted manufacturers at reduced prices. In addition to our catalog of reconditioned UV curing systems and parts, DOCTORUV offers comprehensive, cost-effective repair services for all types of UV systems and UV equipment.

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