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UV-Cured Adhesives & UV Coatings

The Industry's Best UV Adhesives, Inks & Coatings

UV adhesives bond two materials together with a faster curing process than traditional adhesives. DoctorUV maintains a large inventory of high-quality UV adhesives, UV coatings, and UV inks. These products are designed to be cured under UV Lamps and provide long-lasting performance. UV adhesives can be used in any application requiring high-strength bonds and can increase production output thanks to their quick-drying features.

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We carry UV-curable inks, coatings, and adhesives from Aptek, Tangent, Allied, and other leading manufacturers.
We also offer a variety of specialized UV inks, adhesives, and coatings available, including MIL-spec, FDA class 6, and NASA-grade products.

UV Cured Adhesives And Aptek Rapid Repair Resin Options

UVIBOND SL-LO and SL-HI Repair Resin

This UV-cured resin is excellent for fixing parts without rebuilding and was designed exclusively for Quick-Cast and Solid-build styles.


This UV adhesive is specifically designed, per industry request, to be intermediary in viscosity between SL-LO and SL-HI (2000 Centipoise viscosity).


This Aptek repair resin is water clear and was exclusively designed for the new Water Clear type resins in the 11120 family. It contains SL-CLEAR HI and can be used in Medical type applications.

UVIFILL SL-TX Repair Resin

This UV adhesive is designed for filling drain holes in the Quick-Cast style and filling larger cavities/defects in Solid-build styles.


This UV-cured resin is like our SL-TX adhesive, which was designed for filling drain holes in the Quick-Cast style and filling larger cavities/defects in solid-build styles. However, this UV adhesive was developed with lower antimony and less burn out and residual.

Benefits of Ultraviolet Cured Adhesives & Coatings

Aptek repair resin repairs bond 3D SL & SLS parts with ease. The versatile rapid repair resin options each have unique benefits depending on your industrial applications. Resins range in strength from intermediate bond strength to high bonding strength. Every Aptek Rapid Repair Resin features Ultra-fast UV adhesive designed exclusively for Stereolithography. Each resin can be applied through pin point syringe application or through syringe applicators. For additional information on which Aptek Rapid Repair Resin is best suited for your application, please contact a DoctorUV representative or visit our Aptek Repair Resin page and view the specific benefits and features of each UV adhesive product.

Industries Requiring UV Adhesives & UV Coatings

UV adhesives and coatings are popular in applications that require long-lasting solutions to industrial adhesives. They are ideal for use with materials that are able to convey UV light, such as glass or plastic. Common industries served include but are not limited to:
  • Wide Format Inkjet Printing
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Military Applications
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive and more.

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