ARC & Flood Lamp Systems
DOCTORUV.COM is an industry leader in the design, development, and sale of UV curing solutions. Known for our innovative, quality products, we offer a range of compact, lightweight UV curing systems configured for wide format printing, medical device manufacturing, and countless applications in between. Offering systems from Integration Technology, American Ultraviolet, and our custom DRUV systems.

The Right UV Arc or Flood Lamp System for Your Application

Available in multiple sizes and configurations, these state-of-the-art devices use high output, long life bulbs to provide superior curing performance in a small footprint. All of our arc lamp UV curing systems feature adjustable power outputs for fine-tuned processing. Shuttered arc lamp systems are available.

We also carry high performance, energy efficient LED UV curing systems.

Request a quote on the arc lamp UV curing system you need, or contact DoctorUV to learn more.