UV Flood Curing Arc Lamps

Using high-intensity UV (ultraviolet) light and photopolymerization, arc lamps provide a near-instant curing solution. For curing operations with adhesives, coatings, and inks, incorporating UV flood lamps can offer a host of benefits for enhancing production. Serving various industries, see UV curing solutions from DoctorUV.

Arc Lamp Curing Systems

Designed to provide low-intensity curing for UV adhesives, coatings, and inks, UV flood curing systems offer an efficient curing technology. Arc lamps are available in various sizes and configurations to provide an almost immediate curing system. Many scientific and medical manufacturing industries utilize UV curing processes. However, these curing systems are incredibly versatile and can also be found in various other production industries, including the artistic, educational, and printing industries. Due to their efficient processes, UV flood-curing lamps can streamline production operations with several advantages and features.

Features & Benefits of UV Curing Flood Lamps

UV arc lamps have many features that provide high-quality benefits to curing operations. Fine-tuned, efficient curing is possible with the adjustable power outlet features and long-life UV bulbs in curing flood lamps. Providing practical, general purpose curing processes, UV curing systems offer various benefits that enhance production, including:
  • Highly Repeatable
  • Low-Energy
  • Incredibly Fast Curing
  • Improved Hardness
  • Enhanced Resistance
  • High-Gloss Finish

Find Quality UV Curing Equipment at DoctorUV

Our extensive inventory of UV and LED curing technology includes a range of flood and flash lamps, replacement components and spare parts, and more to meet the needs of your operations. Serving a variety of industries, UV lamps, UV systems, and LED systems provide innovative solutions to your curing challenges. Additionally, we offer services and repairs from certified technicians to keep your curing systems performing at their best.

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