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DOCTORUV understands that It is imperative for your UV systems, UV equipment, UV bulbs and spare parts to perform optimally. That is why DOCTORUV offers comprehensive, time-efficient and cost-effective repair services for all types of UV equipment. Our certified, experienced technicians work closely with our service and support team and are dedicated to getting your UV equipment up and running with minimal downtime.
Have questions regarding DOCTORUV’s service catalog or additional inquiries about potential issues in your UV equipment or system? Contact DOCTORUV online or request a quote on our reduced-price repair services.

UV Equipment Repairs, Replacement And Maintenance

Even with regular maintenance practices and on-time UV bulb changes, we understand that unexpected issues and complications can arise. An industry leader in UV equipment, DOCTORUV has a solution to whatever issue you might be experiencing. We are proud to offer repairs on multiple UV system operations including:

Why Choose DOCTORUV For Your UV Repair Services

In addition to our broad service offering, we are proud to be the only full-service UV equipment repair facility on the west coast. We have the inventory needed to make sure that your repaired UV system matches the OEM system or products required to keep your systems running smoothly. While most repairs are performed in-house at our repair facility, we do offer on-site repairs for reduced operational downtime. Our innovative UV validation tool ensures complete and accurate repairs on all UV products.

Common UV Equipment Issues

While our experienced technicians are prepared to repair your UV equipment, there are a few common warning signs that should inform your decision to contact DOCTORUV. Please seek out a DOCTORUV representative if your system experiences the following common issues:
  • Power imbalances / Power arching / Low UV output
  • Blown fuses
  • Odd burning smell coming from systems
  • Faulty shutters / switches / control cards
  • Overheating
  • Error codes and more
Whether you are experiencing these common issues or a separate problem, it is important to contact a skilled DOCTORUV technician to make sure that repairs are performed accurately in order to ensure optimal performance and reduce maintenance time/costs.

Contact DOCTORUV for Quality UV Equipment at Reduced Prices

Please feel free to contact DOCTORUV for more information regarding any of our UV equipment repair services or request a quote for refurbished UV equipment today!