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UV LED Curing, Plasma Treatment & Surface Treatment For Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on safe, effective sterilization processes to produce equipment and devices that meet stringent industry regulations. DoctorUV stocks an extensive selection of quality UV processing equipment for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, including UV curing, UV measurement, and non-vacuum plasma, flame, and corona surface treatment systems. We offer customized equipment and systems for application-specific tasks, in addition to repairs and services to keep your UV processing operations running smoothly with limited production downtime.
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Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment, Systems

UV & LED Systems And Equipment

DoctorUV stocks a huge inventory of complete UV or UV Led Systems and parts for the medical device manufacturing industry, with customization options available. Popular UV & UV LED equipment includes:

UV Light Radiometers For Medical Device Manufacturing

In medical and other specialized UV processing applications, UV levels are subject to strict traceability requirements. DoctorUV offers UV measurement equipment for UV curing, printing, spectroradiometry, and any other workplace setting where UV radiation is encountered. Our UV measurement tools are designed for quick UV measurement readings to ensure that your workplace is free of potentially harmful errant UV energy. Qualified EIT technicians ensure your UV measurement devices are properly calibrated and screened.

UVC Lamps and other Disinfectants

UV germicidal lamps or UV light sanitizers kill bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms in seconds using UV equipment. Our UV germicidal solutions combine performance and safety to bring you our line of UVC lamps and equipment as individual products or as part of a solution package. These packages include spare UV lights and accessories, a UV light meter for process control, and risk assessment/hazard awareness training. Lamps are shipped with included operating and safety manuals.

Plasma Surface Treatment & Dust Removal

We supply high-performance plasma and corona surface treatment solutions from top manufacturers, along with the full line of SKI web cleaning and dust removal products. These treatment products provide better and longer-lasting adhesion by removing dust and particulate contamination on surfaces. Pharmaceutical device manufacturers also use our custom laser marking equipment to print their company or drug name on capsule shells. Specific applications include silicone, PTFE, plastics and fiber optics.

UV Adhesives and Coatings For Medical Device Manufacturers

DoctorUV carries UV adhesives, UV coatings, and UV inks from Aptek, Tangent, Allied, and other leading manufacturers. Specialized coatings, including MIL-spec, FDA class 6 and NASA-grade products are available for industry-regulated pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing processes. These adhesives are designed to be cured under UV lamps for faster manufacturing processes.

Additional Resources for Medical Device Manufacturing UV Curing Equipment

DoctorUV has a fully stocked inventory of high-quality, pre-owned UV systems and equipment from trusted manufacturers for sale at reduced prices, including 3D UV curing systems, conveyors, UV curing bulbs and more. We also offer repair and services for UV equipment, and our certified technicians work closely with our service team to ensure your repairs meet industry regulations.

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