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UV Curing Systems

DoctorUV stocks a huge inventory of top quality products and offers everything you need to create a complete UV or LED system. With UV curing equipment, including 3D UV curing systems, conveyors, UV curing bulbs, and more, we are your one-stop shop.

The Right UV & LED Equipment for Your Application 

  • Heraeus/Fusion UV: Heraeus/Fusion UV’s electrodeless, microwave-powered UV curing lamp systems outlast arc lamp systems by thousands of hours. These lamps are used in wide format printing, medical manufacturing, wood finishing, 3D UV curing, and more. Heraeus/Fusion UV is the manufacturer of choice for UV lamp systems used in manufacturing, formulating, and R&D applications around the world.
  • Integration Technology Arc Lamp Systems: Made in the UK, these high quality compact UV curing systems are popular for wide format printing, medical manufacturing, and many other applications. Shuttered arc lamp systems are also available.
  • Spot Cure Systems: Ideal for pinpointing UV light to shine on a specific area, spot cure systems can create UV beams as small as 55mm in diameter. These systems are used for UV curing on PC boards and masking, medical devices, and other small-scale products.
  • DOCTORUV 3D UV Curing: The revolutionary design of these systems allows users to obtain 360° UV cure from a single lamp source without the need for any part rotation. This industry-changing technology is ideal for curing all types of UV-responsive adhesives and coatings.
  • 3D Curing for Adhesives & Coatings: The same technology as our DOCTORUV 3D UV curing systems is installed in a larger chamber. DOCTORUV 3D UV curing systems are favorites among medical device manufacturers for curing catheter coatings.
  • UV LED Curing: Unlike standard UV arc lamp systems, UV LEDs emit lower temperatures and boast a curing life of 25,000+ hours. DoctorUV offers LEDs in a wide array of nanometer options.
  • LED Systems from Integration Technology: Integration Technologies’ robust LED systems are used for UV curing and pinning. These LEDs are widely used for label printing, wide format printing, and medical device manufacturing. These UK-made systems are available in your choice of nanometer options and configurations (linear, area, etc.).
  • UV Conveyors: DoctorUV offers a wide array of conveyors to suit your needs, from laboratory to R&D to full scale manufacturing. We offer clean room conveyors for clean-critical applications. We also offer custom conveyors built to your specifications. Our conveyors may be paired with traditional arc lamps, microwave-powered lamps, or UV LEDs.
  • Refurbished / Used UV Equipment: DOCTORUV has a fully stocked inventory of high-quality, pre-owned UV systems and equipment from trusted manufacturers at reduced prices, including 3D UV curing systems, conveyors, UV curing bulbs and more. In addition to our catalog of reconditioned UV curing systems and parts, DOCTORUV offers comprehensive, cost-effective repair services for all types of UV equipment UV systems and UV equipment.
  • Custom UV Equipment: We offer a range of equipment that can be customized to meet your unique requirements. DoctorUV can take any custom order and turn it into a reality. Contact us for more information.

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