UV Measurement – Radiometers

DoctorUV is proud to offer UV radiometers from EIT. These UV measurement devices are crucial for establishing and maintaining ideal performance levels in your UV curing operations. UV radiometers are also important tools for validation processes and workplace safety.

High-Performance EIT UV Radiometers

EIT UV radiometers monitor your UV lamp’s output to ensure that you’re within your curing parameters.  Lamp output is registered in both watts and joules.
Additionally, workplace safety radiometers are designed for quick UV measurement readings to ensure that your workplace is free of potentially harmful errant UV energy. Furthermore, all EIT UV radiometers are fully NIST traceable for validation purposes, ship with a fresh calibration, and come with a certificate of calibration.

EIT UV Radiometer Benefits

EIT designs, manufactures, assembles and distributes UV radiometers that measure and track process control information in UV applications. EIT UV radiometers and on-line monitoring equipment provide UV users with the widest choice of instruments on the market. Our UV radiometers are NIST traceable and are available in a variety of bands. Our UV measurement devices provide many benefits, some of which include:
  • EIT has a world-wide reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality UV measurement instruments.
  • EIT uses filters and detectors in their calibrated UV radiometers that are very closely screened, providing the user with instruments that are consistent, repeatable and reliable.
  • EIT factory service for calibration and repair (filters, detectors -- items that are proprietary that no one else can duplicate or replace).
  • Qualified EIT technicians perform all the work.
  • For every calibrated UV radiometer, EIT logs a lifetime historical "service and calibration" record for that product. This information can be accessed for the life of the product.
  • All EIT calibrated UV measurement devices are NIST traceable.

DoctorUV is Here to Help!

Contact DoctorUV for more information on our EIT UV radiometers, or request a quote today. We also stock an inventory of refurbished UV equipment for sale and provide quality repair services for your UV systems or equipment.