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DOCTORUV is here to answer any questions you might have on inspecting, maintaining and replacing your UV system and UV equipment. In addition to our comprehensive, time-efficient and cost-effective repair services, we have created a list of Frequently asked questions below to help guide you in replacing your UV equipment with minimal downtime.
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Why Should I Maintain My UV System?

In a clean and properly maintained UV system, the bulb and reflector deliver all the UV spectrum in the ranges of UVA, UVB, UVC and UVV. However, a dirty bulb and reflector delivers very little of the UV spectrum, including no UVB, no UVC and reduced UVA and UVV.
The routine cleaning of your UV system will also extend the life of your lamp and reflector for more consistent production.

How to Perform UV Lamp Maintenance

There are three essential steps required for properly maintaining and servicing your UV system.
  1. Measure your UV lamp regularly with a calibrated UV Radiometer.
  2. Record your measurements in a log book so you can identify when your bulb or reflector is dirty or underperforming.
  3. Clean your UV lamp and reflector regularly for consistent UV output.

Simple PM Service For Arc Lamps

UV lamps vary by configuration, but steps can be taken to safely uninstall and replace your UV lamp.
  1. Start with a cool lamp system.
  2. Turn off the main power to the UV lamp.
  3. Remove the Lamp Housing and Reflector Assembly.
  4. With cotton gloves, remove the bulb being careful not to touch the bulb with your bare hands. Clean with “Windex” glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Alcohol (IPA) can also be used.
  5. IMPORTANT: External deposits on the bulb are difficult to remove and can eventually contribute to a reduction of UV energy at the focal point.
  6. Metal reflectors -Inspect the reflector for signs of deposits. Clean reflectors with “Windex” glass cleaner or alcohol (IPA) and a lint-free cloth.

Simple PM Service For Microwave Lamps

  1. Remove irradiator from its light-shield.
  2. Remove the RF screen assembly and inspect fine tungsten mesh for any signs of damage. Replace screen assembly if there are any signs of damage.
  3. Remove UV bulb, and clean with “Windex” glass cleaner and a lint- free cloth. Alcohol (IPA) can also be used.
  4. Inspect the metal reflector for signs of RF damage. Clean reflectors with “Windex” glass cleaner or alcohol (IPA) and a lint-free cloth if needed and retighten all reflector screws. Replace entire reflector assembly if any damage is observed.
  5. Reinstall UV bulb into lamp cavity, being careful not to touch quartz surface.
  6. Reinstall the RF screen over irradiator lamp cavity, and fasten with screws provided. Hand-tighten all screws.
  7. Reinstall UV irradiator into light-shield.
  8. Change lamp air supply filters on a regular schedule.
Contact DOCTORUV online for additional information on simple PM service for arc lamps and microwave lamps.

What is Major UV Service?

Major maintenance is required at specific intervals with the intent of replacing specific components in your UV system. Major services will generally restore the lamp to like-new performance, and involves the replacement of:
  • New Lamp (when power drops below set limit)
  • Replacement of Reflectors (could be minor service)
  • New Magnetron on Microwave lamps (as needed).
  • Capacitors (if needed)
  • Ballasts (if needed)
  • Mercury contactor (if needed)
  • Shutter Pneumatics (if needed)

Additional UV Maintenance Information

While the exact components of a UV system face varying degrees of wear and tear, following the above replacement schedule is an excellent way to maintain a highly efficient, functioning UV system. Routine inspection can be performed for additional issues, but it is important to remember the delicate nature of UV system components prior to addressing any unique system concerns without the help of a DOCTORUV expert. Additionally, DOCTORUV offers a full catalog of UV & LED systems and equipment and UV bulbs & spare parts that can be ordered ahead of time for scheduled unexpected repairs.

When Do I Call a DOCTORUV Expert?

It is important that you immediately contact a DOCTORUV representative if you experience the following issues.
  • Power imbalances / Power arching
  • Blown fuses
  • Odd burning smell coming from systems
  • Faulty shutters / switches / control cards
  • Overheating

Contact DOCTORUV for UV System Repair Services

Please feel free to contact DOCTORUV for more information on maintaining your UV system today or request a quote on our cost-effective repair services.