Inkjet UV Curing Bulbs

Replacement Bulbs For Inks & Digital Printing

UV bulbs are essential for curing ink, paints and printing inks and ensuring substrates are of the highest quality. DoctorUV has UV curing bulbs to support over 30 printer models of popular printers from top manufacturers. DoctorUV’s selection of Inkjet curing bulbs are designed to improve print quality, lower operating costs and protect inks from scratching or deteriorating. Our UV bulbs are easy to install and ensure optimal, long-lasting performance for your UV component. We can duplicate almost any UV lamp or bulb to meet your specific project requirements. Additionally, we offer UV system and UV equipment repair services for existing bulbs with low UV output, blown fuses and any other issues you are experiencing.
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When to Replace Your UV Bulb

In order to keep your UV light-curing and flood lamp systems effective, it is important that your UV curing bulbs are of the highest quality. Each specific Inkjet bulb lifespan varies by use, intensity and application. UV Curable LED bulbs typically have a lifespan of approximately 10,000-15,00 operating hours. It is important to Measure, Record and Clean your lamp regularly and look for warning signs that might indicate if your UV bulb needs to be replaced. Warning signs can be power imbalances, blown fuses, a burning smell coming from your system and an overheating bulb.

Inkjet UV Curing Bulb Benefits

Our selection of UV curing bulbs allow for the curing process to happen instantaneously. This allows you to cure liquid UV chemistry more quickly than traditional curing methods. Unlike mercury lamps, UV bulbs don’t produce emissions, reducing waste and unnecessary environmental impact. UV LED bulbs allow printers to use different heat-sensitive substrates, as well as achieve unique and artistic effects. LED bulbs are well suited for heat-sensitive substrates and ensure the safety of products when changing liquid inks, adhesives and coatings into a solid.

Why Choose DoctorUV For Replacement Inkjet UV Printer Bulbs

DoctorUV sells genuine OEM spare parts for Inkjet UV printers and related equipment designed to extend the lifespan of your UV printer and improve the quality of your UV printer operations. We also offer American-made custom replacement lamps that are reverse engineered through your UV printer’s original bulbs. This custom service provides the same performance at a fraction of the cost. We stock an extensive selection of parts and components to fit the industry’s leading manufacturers.

UV Curing Bulbs For Multiple Inkjet Pinter Models

Our Inkjet bulb selection supports the following printer models:
  • Agfa
  • Cube 160
  • DuPont UV 22
  • Colorspan
  • Dili Neo Titan
  • Durst
  • Durst Rho
  • HP FB / SCITEX ​
  • Nur Tempo Q
  • EFI GS 5000R
  • Inca Spyder 320
  • Oce 250 GT
  • Fina UV
  • Oce
  • Fuji Acuity
  • Jetrix
  • Rastek
  • Fuji Acuity HIGH SPEED
  • Mantan
  • Revo 5300
  • Fuji Film Acuity HD
  • Mimaki UJF
  • SCITEX 8600
  • Gandi
  • Nur Expedio
  • Swiss Q
  • Gandi Jeti
  • Nur Revolution
  • TRU Press 2500
  • Gerber Solara
  • Nur Tempo II
  • Vutek
  • HP
  • Nur Tempo ONE
  • Zund Vjet 215C

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