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UV Bulb Replacements, Hot Mirrors & More

Inkjet Printers frequently require replacement UV bulbs, quartz plates and additional components to ensure your printers is performing optimally. DoctorUV sells genuine OEM spare parts for Inkjet UV printers and related equipment designed to extend the lifespan of your UV printer and improve the quality of your UV printer operations. We stock an extensive selection of parts and components from all models of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Heraeus/Fusion UV and Integration Technology. DoctorUV’s UV technology experts offer full repair services on UV printing systems and components.

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Inkjet UV Replacement Parts

We carry a large assortment of high-quality replacement parts for UV Inkjet printers and related equipment. Some of the UV printing system replacement parts that we carry include: 

Featured Printer UV Parts

Heraeus/Fusion UV Printer Spare Parts

Heraeus/Fusion UV curing products provide reliable, stable, and efficient operation with minimal maintenance requirements. DoctorUV is a premier supplier of Heraeus/Fusion UV Parts and Components to fit your existing UV printer. We have an industry-leading selection of Heraeus/Fusion UV components ranging from power boards, magnetron kits, blower replacements, UV Bulbs, air pressure switches and additional UV printer parts.

Hot Mirrors

The “3 to 1” rule is a good way to remember: every third time you replace your UV bulbs, you should replace your hot mirrors and reflectors. DoctorUV stocks replacement hot mirrors in all standard sizes and configurations from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. We can fill low and high-volume orders of hot mirrors.

Integration Technology UV Printer Spare Parts

Integration Technology is a world leader in LED UV curing systems. With compact designs, reliable performance and energy-saving LED bulbs, Integration Technology’s LED UV spare parts are the gold standard for any UV curing in any application. Choose from bulb kits, lamp heads, cassettes and more.

Quartz Plates

Devitrification, caused by prolonged exposure to strong UV energy, causes quartz to become brittle and cloudy over time, reducing UV transmittance. We offer replacement quartz printer plates in all sizes and configurations for HP, Mimaki, Fuji, Oce, Vutek, and other wide-format Inkjet UV printers.

Custom UV Replacement Lamps 

We also offer American-made custom replacement lamps that are reverse engineered through your UV printer’s original bulbs. This custom service provides the same performance at a fraction of the cost. This lamp duplication process creates and identical copy of your UV lamp, so you know it will be compatible with your existing system.

UV Equipment Service & Repair 

DoctorUV also provides complete repair and maintenance services on the UV equipment used in your Inkjet printers. A full line of rental equipment is available to keep your system up and running during the repair process with no costly downtime. Our technicians are fully certified and work closely with you to meet your requirements.

Advantages of Choosing DoctorUV For Inkjet Spare UV Parts

As a trusted supplier of industry-leading UV processing equipment for over 30 years, DoctorUV is your trusted source for UV light and UV LED light curing equipment. We have experience creating effective UV processing solutions for a wide variety of industries, including wide-format Inkjet printing, medical device manufacturing and military applications. We use only the most innovative UV processing equipment, including NIST traceable radiometers to ensure our services and products meet the highest industry standards. Our wide product selection and supply network allow us to source an impressive catalogue of UV systems and spare parts with fast turnaround times.

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