Light Guides- Liquid & High Output Fiber Optic

Liquid Light Guides

Liquid light guides are a more efficient transmission solution than fiber bundles as they eliminate the packing fraction loss (dead space) that fiber bundles have. Liquid Light Guides also provide flexible and convenient conduits for light delivery to fluorescence microscopes and other bioanalytical instruments. In addition to isolating the microscope from any heat and vibration associated with the light source, passage through a light guide acts to randomize spatial inhomogeneity in the light source output.
  • High ultraviolet to near-infrared throughput
  • Large acceptance angle
  • Deep UV light guides available
  • Bifucrated and trifucrated versions
  • Less expensive
  • Provide increased durability
  • Offers liquid light for various wavelength regions
DoctorUV’s liquid light guides deliver the industries best light quality and control functions. 

High Output Fiber Optic Light Guides

High power fiber light guides provide a high output linear beam of UV curing energy. They have several features and benefits.
  • Optical degradation is absent, which provides longer life spans
  • Higher output than comparable light guides
  • Transmitted light wavelengths from 160nm to 1200nm
  • Eliminates replacement costs
  • Improves lamp usable lifetime and reduces operating costs
  • Provides higher yields for your curing processes and faster manufacturing equipment setup time
  • Enables tack-free UV light curing for most adhesives

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