Hot Mirrors & Dichroic Reflectors

Hot mirrors are quartz plates that have a special Dichroic coating applied to them. These Dichroic coatings reduce infrared (IR) by 10% and are typically found on quartz plates and reflectors. Customers with heat sensitive substrates utilize these Dichroic items to reduce the amount of IR from reaching their thermally delicate substrates. Over time, the effects of constant UV exposure will cause the hot mirrors and dichroic reflectors in your UV equipment to break down. Devitrification will make them brittle and cloudy, reducing their effectiveness and the efficiency of your UV system. As such, they should be replaced regularly. The “3 to 1” rule is a good way to remember: every third time you replace your UV bulbs, you should replace your hot mirrors and reflectors. 


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Hot Mirror & Dichroic Reflector Manufacturers

DoctorUV stocks replacement hot mirrors and replacement dichroic reflectors from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including: We offer mirrors and reflectors in all standard sizes and configurations. If you’re unsure which product is best for your UV system, feel free to contact us. Based on your measurements and system requirements, our expert team will help you find the right hot mirror or dichroic reflector for your needs.

We also stock replacement quartz plates for UV systems.

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