3D Curing for Adhesives & Coatings

For complete, 360° UV curing in seconds, DoctorUV offers larger-scale systems that utilize the same state-of-the-art technology as the DOCTORUV Vela 3D UV curing devices. A single lamp source provides full UV coverage, with no need for part rotation or light guide repositioning. These 3D UV curing systems are favorites among medical device manufacturers for curing catheter coatings, and are fast and effective on all types of UV-responsive adhesives and coatings.

360° UV Coverage

Using patent-pending DOCTORUV Vela 3D UV curing technology, these systems provide homogenous UV energy throughout the curing chamber with just a single light source. Every square inch of the chamber is exposed to complete, 360° UV coverage. This produces a uniform cure in seconds, even on the most irregularly-shaped parts.

Because they eliminate the need for multiple light sources, DOCTORUV Vela 3D UV curing systems also eliminate hot spots. Parts always stay cool, with no overcuring.

Repeatable, Automated UV Dose Control

All DOCTORUV Vela 3D UV curing systems for adhesives and coatings offer perfectly repeatable, computer-automated UV dose control. Simply use the touchscreen to input the correct dose needed to cure your part (in J/cm2), and the system’s microprocessor will automatically monitor the UV reaching your parts and adjust the exposure time needed to achieve the desired dose. This ensures consistent cure, part after part.

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