Model: SPEC100
The Spectrum 100 precision UV spot cure system employs premium mercury short-arc lamps instead of mercury halide bulbs. Short arc lamps provide a much higher UV output than halides, which primarily emit visible light. Stainless steel construction makes it durable enough for demanding applications, and a ≈2,000 hour-life bulb provides long operational life.

Spectrum 100 Spot Cure System Comes with the following:
  • Lamp Assembly
  • Standard 5mm x1000mm liquid light guide
  • Footswitch
  • UV blocking saftey glasses (available in Dark Grey & Amber)
  • Power cord 
Other features and benefits of the Spectrum 100 include:
  • 100 watt lamp
  • 10-15 w/cm² UV output
  • Programmable timer control
  • Class 100 cleanroom ready
  • Patented lamp reflector assembly
  • Designed for easy access
  • Accepts standard liquid or high-power fiber optic light guides