Custom UV Conveyors

Custom UV conveyor
C2020 Custom Conveyor
DOCTORUV.COM offers custom UV conveyors manufactured to fit your specific needs. From custom flame plasma conveyors to 72” wide UV roller conveyors, we have you covered. 

The Perfect UV Conveyor for Your Application 

We will work with you to create a UV conveyor that meets your application and performance requirements. We put top quality components and years of experience and expertise in UV curing into every custom UV conveyor we produce.
Based on our standard UV conveyor platforms, our custom UV conveyors include a number of features and options that can be tailored to your unique application. Customizable features include belt length, belt width, clearance height, lamp type/output/wavelength, light shielding options, belt speed controls, and more. Benchtop and freestanding models are available.

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No one knows UV curing technology like we do! Request a quote on a custom UV conveyor, or contact DoctorUV to discuss your custom requirements.