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UV Occupational Safety Detection

In UV curing, printing, and other processing applications, errant UV energy can be hazardous to workers’ health—eyes and skin can be irreparably damaged by prolonged exposure to UV. Often times, a simple solution is enough to block this stray UV and keep employees safe. The real trick is spotting UV “leaks” in the first place. Fortunately, DoctorUV has the perfect device for this task.
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Ultraviolet Safety Meter Model 6D

The 6D is a handheld, laboratory- and industrial-grade instrument that quickly and easily identifies UV radiation hazards. It is a valuable tool for any industry where workers may be exposed to UV energy.

DoctorUV’s 6D UV radiometer is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation specified as hazardous in standards published by the National Institute of Industrial Hygienists. Those standards state that total UV exposure should not exceed three millijoules per square centimeter at 270 nm. For simplicity’s sake, the 6D measures latent UV energy and tells users how long staff can work in the tested location before significant harm is done.

This workplace safety radiometer is ideal for UV curing, printing, spectroradiometry, and any other workplace setting where UV radiation is encountered.

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