Online Monitoring and tracking of UV Systems

Knowing when to replace your UV lamps is critical to maintaining consistent curing results. UV lamps are often replaced at periodic intervals or when output degradation results in a noticeable reduction in product quality. Because the human eye is incapable of determining whether or not a UV lamp is generating the right UV levels, or if it needs to be replaced, the EIT Multibrite system eliminates the guesswork.


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  • Monitors output of up to 4 UV lamp sources simultaneously
  • Provides timely relamping information
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Low output alarm
  • Digital readout
  • Standard linear outputs for remote monitoring
  • Cascadable remote alarm output
  • Individual channel alarm lockout
  • Programmable alarm enable delay
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DoctorUV offers EIT Multibrite systems for all UV curing applications. These devices will save you time and money in UV processing, while reducing or eliminating waste and ensuring consistent product quality.

Multibrite is easy to use and can be integrated into any UV processing setup. Set the lowest acceptable UV levels for your bulbs, and, if their performance falls below that mark, an alarm will be triggered, letting you know it’s time to replace them. Up to four UV lamp sources can be monitored at once.