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EIT Calibrated NIST UV Measurement

EIT’s UV radiometers are calibrated NIST UV measurement devices that are used to evaluate the output of UV lamps. NIST approved radiometers are valuable tools for establishing, validating, and maintaining your UV process window. 

UV Radiometer Benefits

A UV radiometer is a valuable tool in the light-curing and UV measurement process. Below are a few of the benefits associated with a UV radiometer for your UV measurement needs.

UV Radiometers Maintain a Reliable Light-Curing Process

The curing bulbs, lightguides, and reflectors within a UV radiometer can deteriorate over time, causing less UV energy to reach the cure surface resulting in incomplete cures. As the UV energy decreases, adjustments in the process must be made to maintain product quality. It can be difficult to determine when the UV energy is decreasing. UV wavelengths of light are too short to be seen visually, hence the use of a UV radiometer to monitor the UV’s intensity. A proper UV measurement device measures the intensity and/or energy associated with light of specified wavelengths. A UV radiometer can measure whether a light-curing system is providing intensity above the minimum or “bulb change” intensity. A radiometer is to a light-curing process what a thermometer is to an oven-curing process.

UV Radiometers Provide a Safer Work Environment

UV radiometers can also be used to determine if stray UV light is reaching operators or bystanders. This UV measurement process can help insure a safer, more worker-friendly light-curing environment. EIT’s UV radiometers are calibrated NIST UV measurement devices that offer certified operator and bystander warning protection from harmful UV rays. 

UV Radiometers Measure Transmission Rates Through Substrates

To assure an effective curing process it is critical to measure the light intensity reaching the cure site below any intervening substrate. EIT’s UV radiometers can be used to measure the transmission rates of various wavelengths through substrates that sometimes absorb various frequencies of energy.

Calibrated NIST UV Measurement Devices

In medical, military, and other specialized UV processing applications, UV levels are subject to strict traceability requirements. According to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), traceability is defined as “an unbroken record of documentation, or an unbroken chain of measurements and associated uncertainties.” (See for more information.)

DoctorUV offers a full line of NIST approved radiometers from EIT. EIT is one of the only manufacturers in the industry that produces UV measurement devices that meet the NIST’s strict guidelines. All EIT radiometers ship with a fresh calibration, and include a certificate of calibration. 

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