Plasma & Corona Surface Treatment

  • Plasma & Corona Surface Treatment

Corona surface treatment and plasma surface treatment are forms of electrical surface preparation that change the chemical properties of treated materials. The treatment is an intense cleaning method that is much stronger than web cleaning or cleanroom supplies. These treated materials then acquire stronger adhesion traits and better wettability, allowing for high reception of inks, paints, adhesives, and coatings.

What Uses Do Surface Preparation Equipment Provide?

Surface-treating equipment is used to “prime” a surface prior to the printing, coating, or painting process.

What Benefits Do Cleaning Treatments Offer?

The primary function of corona surface treatment and plasma surface treatment is to provide better and longer-lasting adhesion by removing mold release compounds, dust, and particulate contamination from surfaces. This improves the quality of printed products while improving overall print quality. The unique corona and plasma treatment processes allow gas to be utilized, creating a more time-effective treatment process that doesn’t have to be applied by hand.

Plasma Cleaning Industry Manufacturers

DoctorUV is proud to offer high-performance plasma and corona surface treatment solutions from two of the industry’s leading manufacturers, Enercon Corporation and TriStar Technologies Inc.

Enercon Corporation

Enercon offers an array of plasma and corona surface treatment equipment, including 3D handheld and narrow or wide web systems. These devices are commonly used for web applications, bottle printing, plastics, and more. Enercon dyne test solutions measure a substrate’s surface energy to find its starting dyne level or surface energy prior to surface treatment.

TriStar Technologies Inc.

TriStar Technologies presents top-of-the-line surface treatment devices that deliver superior performance via non-vacuum atmospheric plasma. Preferred for military applications, medical manufacturing, aerospace, and other advanced applications, corona and plasma surface treatment equipment by TriStar Technologies can be integrated into automated systems and handheld devices.

Plasma Surface Treatment

Plasma surface treatments can clean, etch, coat, or activate the surfaces of treated materials. The process of plasma treatment results in a substantial improvement in adhesion characteristics. This makes the materials easier to paint, print, or bond together. Plasma surface preparation is capable of distributing enormous surface energies onto materials in a narrow treating width, which results in the concentrated treatment of the substance.  

Corona Surface Treatment

Corona surface treatment is a variation of plasma surface treatment. While plasma surface treatment is more concentrated, corona surface preparation functions as an ionized cloud and is able to treat larger areas at the expense of focused energy. The corona treatment chemically reacts with the bonds of the treated material to raise surface energy and increase adhesion ability. The corona surface treatment of these materials allows for a higher bond capacity of inks, paints, adhesives, and surface coatings.

Additional Dust Removal Systems

Looking for something different? Check out our web cleaning, dust removal, and cleanroom products offering for more surface cleaning options. These devices are designed to protect equipment and printed materials from dust and particulate contamination in any printing environment.

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