SDI Dust Removal Systems

DotorUV is proud to offer SDI Dust removal systems. Proudly made in the USA our Dust Removal System is the ultimate tool for cleaning particulate contaminants. Unwanted particles as small as one micron are readily removed from the substrate.


How dust removal systems work


  1. Take a clean DRS Hand Roller, DRS Pad, and the surface to be cleaned.
  2. Pass the DRS hand held roller over the flat surface to be cleaned. The roller’s tacky polymer coating lifts particulate matter from the substrate without liquids or sprays.
  3. Clean the dirty roller by passing it directly onto the cleaning pad surface.
You now have a clean hand roller ready to clean your next piece, as easy as one, two, three.

DRS Cleaning Pads

A 9 1/2” x 13” Tacky Pad with 50 easy peel away disposable sheets. Each Tacky Pad sheet is coated with a specially formulated adhesive that will not transfer to the roller. Each pad has holes on the upper edge for ease in mounting on the DRS-4 pad holder.

The tray is designed to hold the DRS-1 pad and only the DRS-6 or DRS-12 Hand Roller. The tray enables you to utilize the DUST REMOVAL SYSTEM and keep an organized work station. Vertically mountable DRS Cleaning Pad & Roller Holders now available. Contact us today or call 1-800-891-0866 for more information.

DRS Hand Rollers DRS-6" or 12"      (18" no longer available)

A 6” or 12” wide hand held tacky roller with a range of ergonomically designed handles available. These rollers are designed to lift dust, chips and microscopic contaminates and transfer them to the DRS-1 pad. The specially formulated coating will not leave any residue.

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