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UVKEY™ Germicidal Radiometer

Model: UVKEY
An accurate UV radiometer is crucial for establishing and maintaining ideal performance levels in your UV curing operations. DoctorUV is a proud supplier of the UVKey—a RoHS-compliant, ultraviolet UVC radiometer optimized for mercury-based UV germicidal applications. While standard UV radiometers rely on a color-coded reading, the UVKey eliminates errors frequently associated with competing radiometers by providing the user with an accurate, NIST-traceable numerical display of the correct dose. The UVKey is optimized for 254 nm UV germicidal measurements in applications requiring a high control of UV energy measurements.
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Features Of EIT’s UVKey Radiometer

EIT has built a worldwide reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality UV measurement instruments. Specific features of the UVKey include:
  • Easy-to-Use Single-Button Operation
  • Small, Portable Design
  • Unlimited Measurements For Over 6 Months
  • Cost-Effective
  • Excellent Matching & Repeatability

Benefits of Choosing The UVKey UVC Radiometer

The UVKey combines EIT’s 44 years of electronic design with EIT’s 37 years of UV measurement experience in a small easy to use radiometer. By providing an accurate, on-time numerical display of the UV dose from your bulb, the UVKey eliminates the guesswork and inaccuracies contingent with color-interpreted radiometers. This technology makes the UVKey perhaps the most innovative UV radiometer that EIT has developed.  Furthermore, all EIT UV radiometers are fully NIST traceable for validation purposes, ship with a fresh calibration, and come with a certificate of calibration.
The UVKey is tested and passed FCC Radiated Emissions Part 15.109 ICES-003: 6.2, is housed in an IP67 sealed case and is RoHS3-compliant.

UVKey Radiometer Applications

While workplace safety radiometers are ideal for UV curing, printing, spectroradiometry, and any other workplace setting where UV radiation is encountered, the UVKey is ideal for measuring the intensity of a UHV germicidal bulb. Frequent industries include but are not limited to:
  • Hospitals & Medical Offices
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Research Labs
  • Source Suppliers And More

When to Use a UV Intensity-Measuring Instrument

During UV curing, printing, and other processing applications, errant UV energy can be hazardous to workers’ health. When applied to a UVC germicidal bulb, UV radiometers are used to monitor a UV lamp’s output to ensure the lamp intensity is within curing parameters. Quick and accurate UV readings are needed to ensure your bulb is working properly, and that your workplace is free of potentially harmful errant UV energy.

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