Model: LMAP-4C
LEDMAP™ Four Band
The EIT LEDMAP is designed to measure LED sources in high speed applications with EIT's patented LED L-Bands.  The LEDMAP provides an extensive "picture" of the UV source and how the UV is delivered to the cure surface.  The irradiance (W/cm²), energy density (J/cm²), irradiance profile (Watts/cm² as a function of time) and the temperature profile (ºC as a function of time) are available when the data is transferred to the computer. Profiling radiometer quickly and easily identify and track. 

LEDMAP Optics & Performance
Spectral Response L365: 340-382nm; ±2 nm (FWHM, 52 nm); 4 OD Blocking
L385: 360-412nm; ±2 nm (FWHM, 52 nm); 4 OD Blocking
L395: 370-422nm; ±2 nm (FWHM, 52 nm); 4 OD Blocking
L405: 380-432nm; ±2 nm (FWHM, 52 nm); 4 OD Blocking
Dynamic Range 40W/cm²
Suggested Operating Range 400 mW/cm² -40 W/cm²; 0-250 J/cm²
Accuracy Typically ±2% or better; ± 10% of reading plus ± 0.2% of full scale
Repeatability Typically better than 0.2% (unit alone);  1% max
PowerView Software III National Instruments LabVIEW based programming designed for Windows 7-10.  Collected data stored in LabVIEW based *.tdms files
Designed and manufactured in the USA