Model: L-395
LEDCURE™ PL-395-40
The LED-R Series of Radiometers from EIT compromises a new family of radiometers designed specifically to measure the energy generated by UV LED systems. The optics and instrument response have been engineered specifically for UV LEDs. The first product released in the LED-R Series is the EIT LEDCure featuring a L395 response with a near rectangular response from 370-420 nm.
  • L395 LEDCURE is a single channel profiling UV radiometer 
  • User selectable functions such as graph mode, data viewing mode (mW/cm² and mJ/cm²), reference mode, and set-up screen mode
  • Unit measures and displays peak intensity and uv total energy in the EIT L395 band (370-420 NM)
  • Instrument response is total measured optics response 
  • Dynamic range is 40 W/cm²
  • Suggested operating range is 400 mW - 40 W/cm²
  • Includes carrying case, manual (CD), NIST traceable certification
  • Does not work with PowerView software
  • LEDCure L395 Profiler includes all features described above for the LEDCure L395
  • Allows the irradiance, energy density and irradiance profile (Watts as a function of time) to transfer to computer for viewing, comparison, analysis and archiving with PowerView II software
  • Works with PowerView II Version 2.0 software.
  • PowerView II Version 2.0 works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10