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Flame Plasma Treatment

How Flame Surface Treatment Works                             

A plasma field is formed when flammable gas and air are combined and combusted, forming an intense blue flame. Brief exposure to the energized particles within the flame affects the distribution and density of electrons on the substrate’s surface and polarizes surface molecules via oxidation. This method also deposits other functional chemical groups that further improve ink wetting and adhesion. Flame-plasma surface treatment generates more heat than other treatment methods. This method also creates greater surface energies and has longer lasting effects.


Enercon’s Dyne-A-Flame 3D flame surface treatment devices set the new standard for flame treatment technology. The Dyne-A-Flame makes it possible to flame treat virtually any three-dimensional surface quickly, efficiently, and delicately.
This system is perfect for the difficult adhesion challenges typically encountered in the automotive, medical, cosmetic, and electronics industries. It temporarily increases surface energy prior to printing, gluing, coating, or laminating.
The Dyne-A-Flame is extremely versatile and particularly effective for surface treating molded or extruded plastic parts, automotive assemblies, medical devices, and appliances.
DoctorUV also offers corona surface treatment devices from Enercon. 

Dyne-A-Flame Features & Benefits

  • Longer lasting, uniform treatment
  • No ozone, solvent, or UV emissions
  • Cost effective to operate
  • Efficient surface decontamination and polishing
  • Secure adhesion of inks, coatings, labels, etc.
  • Compact design
  • High efficiency burner
  • Integrated ignition and flame detection electrode
  • Adjustable flame power with a single control
  • Can operate on natural gas or propane
DoctorUV’s Custom Dyne-A-Flame Gun

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