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Corona Treating

Enercon Corona Treating Systems

How Corona Surface Treatment Works

Corona is created in the air gap between the electrode assembly and the ground roll.


A corona treating system consists of two major components: the power supply and the treater station. The power supply accepts standard 50/60 Hz utility electrical power and converts it into single phase, higher frequency power that is supplied to the treater station. The treater station applies this power to the surface of the material, through an air gap, via a pair of electrodes at high potential and roll at ground potential which supports the material. Technically corona is ionization of air. In its simplest form you can think of a corona treater as a large capacitor.

Corona treating increases the surface energy of plastic films, foils, paper and more. This improves wettability and adhesioin of inks, coatings and adhesives. This method works best when a substrate is treated at the time of etrusion and inline prior to converting. Conrona treating increases quality and productivity through improved print quality, faster press speeds and reduced scrap.


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