TriStar Technologies, Inc

TriStar Technologies, Inc
Tri-Star Technologies manufactures state-of-the-art equipment for the medical device manufacturing industry, wire/cable manufacturing, wire processors, fiber optics, aircraft, aerospace, electronics, automotive and other emerging markets.


Tri-Star Technologies sits on the cutting edge of medical and pharmaceutical technology. From their Duradyne plasma treatment systems to their new Cold Laser pill marking system.

For over 20 years Tri-Star Technologies has been manufacturing wire processing machinery to both civilian and military aerospace industries.

Tri-Star Technologies' ColdLaser™ technology offers permanent, tamper-proof, non-invasive marking solution. It allows the marking of pills or tablets non-invasively, through a tamper-proofed packaging material, resulting in 100% traceability without jeopardizing safety or security

Using advanced plasma technology to improve almost any substance's wettability, durability, and adhesion in the blink of an eye. Their machinery can assist practically any industrial manufacter, from automobiles to textiles to cd duplication.

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