UVC Decontamination Trolley
A mobile UVC unit for disinfection of unoccupied rooms and areas. This can be used from room to room and deployed where required. Provides coverage over 2.5m diameter and effective in around 10 minutes.
This is operated via a mobile tablet and is motion sensor to prevent personal exposure.

Independent research data shows that Coronaviruses in general are sensitive to UVC light. When comparing the data to the UVC irradiance measurements taken from our UVC Decontamination Trolley, it allows us to calculate an exposure time required to reduce contamination.

Just a 10 minute cycle can offer a 90 – 99.9% reduction of Coronavirus in air and on surfaces within a 2.5 radius of the trolley. Multiple positioning and cycles may be required to reduce shadow areas depending on the size and layout of the room or area.

There can be no personal exposure to the eyes or skin, so should be operated in unoccupied spaces. Should the motion sensors will detect any movement the run cycle will be paused.


Technical information

UV source 8 x high output UVC tubes
Life span 9,000 hours
Wavelength 254 nm
Power 700 W
Power requirements 220 – 240 V (50 – 60 Hz)
Construction material Stainless steel 316