UV Inspection Lights

UV inspection lights provide a convenient, versatile quality control method for a wide range of applications. No matter what industry you’re in, professional blacklight inspection is a necessity for high-quality manufacturing processes.
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DoctorUV proudly distributes a full line of Inspection Systems. Thousands of companies worldwide trust our UV blacklight inspection lamps to play an integral role in their processes and products for a wide variety of industries, including: 

  • Medical
  • Food
  • Scientific
  • Security
  • Industrial
  • Circuit Board & PCB

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Benefits of UV Inspection Lights

Professional UV inspection lights make excellent quality control systems, providing fast response times, high resolution, and increased operating ranges. They are designed to be easy-to-use and versatile, making them perfect for a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re looking for UV Inspection cabinet, UV flood lamps or handheld blacklight inspection equipment, UV inspection lights also provide:
  • Lightweight and portability
  • Close-range illumination
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Additional safety
  • Ease of maintenance

Typical UV Inspection Light Applications

For a variety of industries, professional UV inspection lights provide a convenient, affordable quality control system.

NDT Crack Detection 

UV-A inspection lights are used for highlighting cracks in safety, critical aerospace, and automotive components during dye penetrant and magnetic particle fluorescent processes.

PCB Conformal Coating Validation 

UV-A inspection lights are used for quality control inspection of printed circuit boards.

Micro-Contamination Detection with Blacklight Inspection 

UV blacklight inspection lamps are used for: 
  • Highlighting particulate micro-contamination during cleanroom validation and surface cleanliness checks before applying coatings
  • Inspection of LCD screens for quality control
  • Inspection of medical-grade textiles for detection of contamination

Fluid Leak Detection

UV fluorescent inspection systems can be combined with fluorescent additives mixed with water, oils, fuels, coolants, and refrigerants to reveal leaks on surfaces, pipework, joints, and coils.

Cleanliness Monitoring with UV Light Inspection

Professional UV inspection lights are used to reveal invisible contamination on surfaces, highlighting areas either missed or not cleaned properly. Ideal for audits, evaluating different cleaning products and training staff.

UV Light Inspection for Textile Manufacturing Quality Control

UV light inspection equipment is used for quality control of textile materials and products. Applications include identification of fiber yarn mixes within a cone, cloth or beam. This also includes contamination of raw materials such as cotton, or oil stains on carpets from weaving and tufting machines and particulates in medical non-woven fabrics.

UV Blacklights for Scenic Artwork and Special Effects

UV blacklights are used in combination with UV reactive materials for creating spectacular special effects, including single and dual image, 3D, invisible/UV revealing and Trompe-l’oeil. Applications include entertainment, promotion and advertising materials.

UV Light Inspection for Paper Manufacturing Quality Control

UV inspection lights can be used for quality control of paper and paper products to reveal: 
  • Mixes & Contamination
  • Invisible/UV Revealing Markings on Currency and Security Papers 

UV Lights for Egg Inspection 

UV inspection lamps are used for quality control inspection of free-range eggs to detect evidence of washing or wiping and highlighting spoilage by bacteria and mold. Currently used by DEFRA egg inspectors, hatcheries, egg packing centers, wholesalers and food processors.

UV Light Counterfeit Detection

UV blacklight inspection lamps are used to reveal security markings on items such as currency, credit cards and security documents for verification purposes.

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