Model: DRUV-CK-150W
DoctorUV 150W Wall Mounted UVC Air Sterilizer

This UV air disinfection unit is equipped with 20 fans, has 4 speed modes, 150W high-power UVC lamp, and can tackle even the most challenging indoor air quality issues. It also ionizes the air by converting the vapor in the air to positive hydrogen and negative oxygen ions that seeks out and destroys microbes.  Mold, bacteria, and viruses are deactivated with this air purification technology.
The Smart Monitor System has high-precision sensors that can display air quality, humidity, temperature and time on the screen.  It also takes out the guess work by notifying you when the filtration system should be replaced. The superior fan system keeps the room/office quiet with a noise level as low as 38dB as it releases fresh and clear air for you to breath.

This wall mounted device has a large processing capacity of up to 1500 sq. ft. It is very easy to install and has a slimline design that easily fits into tight spaces.
Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz   Total rated power: 200 W
Dimensions: 34” X 2” X 16.5”   Weight: 15kg (33 Lbs.)
Coverage: 0-200m²   Ozone: No
UVC Lamp: 150W   Filter Cartridge: HEPA + Carbon
UV power: ≥30000µw/cm²   Application Area: ≤100m³ (3,531.47 ft³)

Rated Volume:    


12000 H
Ion Output: 20,000,000
positive & Negative
  Noise level:
38dB (low speed)
55dB (high speed)

Fan Speeds: Super- 450m³/h
High- 300m³ /h
Middle- 235m³/h
Low- 170m³/h
  PM 2.5 CADR Super- 264 CFM
High- 176 CFM
Middle- 138 CFM
Low- 100 CFM