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Aptek Rapid Repair Resin

UV Adhesives for Industrial Applications

UV adhesives bond two materials together with a faster curing process than traditional adhesives. DoctorUV is a premier supplier of Aptek repair resins designed exclusively for Stereolithography and 3D Rapid Prototyping. We carry various adhesive options from the UVIBOND and UVIFILL series repair resins to meet your application requirements.

Our UV cured resin repair and bonds 3D SL & SLS parts with ease, and feature intermediate to high to ultra-high bond strength for mission-critical bonding applications. We also offer a full selection of specialized UV inks, adhesives, and coatings, including MIL-spec, FDA class 6, and NASA-grade products to compliment our repair resins. Contact DoctorUV representative online or request a quote on UV adhesives & UV coatings.

Note: Aptek Repair Resin must be UV-cured with a UV Spot Cure System before use. This UV adhesive is available now at DoctorUV.
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Repair Resin Product Offering

These Aptek repair resins are quick drying to increase production output in your facility. Each repair resin offers long lasting performance, and Repair resins are so effective they are regularly used at 3D systems training facilities. Repair resins range from Thixotropic Low resin to 200 centipoise resins. Aptek repair resins are ideal for applications in which UV conveying glass or plastics are bonded to metals or other substrates. It is important to consider cure time, material, UV intensity and additional factors prior to selecting which Aptek repair resin is right for your application. View our UVIBOND and repair resin options, features and benefits below or Contact a DoctorUV representative and let us find the right repair resin for your application.

UVIBOND Repair Resin Options

UVIBOND SL-LO and SL-HI Repair Resin

This UV-cured resin is a light amber-colored, ultra-fast UV adhesive, that was designed exclusively for Quick-Cast and Solid-build styles. The UVIBOND repair resins are an ultra-fast UV adhesive designed exclusively for Stereolithography. UVIBOND Repair Resins offer a pin point syringe application. This UV-cured resin is excellent for fixing parts without rebuilding. Some of the other benefits this product include:
  • Excellent adhesion to most epoxy and acrylated resins
  • High bond strength
  • Inherent toughness to resist breakage


This UV adhesive is light amber in color and is specifically designed, per industry request, to be intermediary in viscosity between SL-LO and SL-HI (2000 Centipoise viscosity). Some of the benefits of UVIBOND SL-MED, include:
  • Intermediary viscosity
  • Intermediate bonding strength


This Aptek repair resin is water clear and was exclusively designed for the new Water Clear type resins in the 11120 family. This UV-cured resin is made from super pure base resins and has great adhesive qualities with high bond strength. Additionally, due to the pure base resins that it contains, SL-CLEAR HI can also be used in medical-type applications. Some of this repair resin’s other benefits include: 
  • Excellent adhesion to most epoxy and acrylated resins
  • Fix parts without rebuilding
  • Ultra-High bond strength

UVIBOND SL-TX Repair Resin

The light amber-colored UVIBOND adhesive series is designed for filling drain holes in the Quick-Cast style and filling larger cavities/defects in Solid-build styles. UVIBOND repair resins feature convenient syringe applicators for easy application. The UVIBOND repair resins are an Ultra-fast UV adhesive. UVIBOND SL-TX’s other benefits include:
  • After UV, releases easily from material transfer substrate but adheres well to epoxy part.
  • Thixotropic consistency to hang on contoured/vertical surfaces

Industries Requiring UV Adhesives & UV Coatings

UV adhesives and coatings are popular in applications that require long-lasting solutions to industrial adhesives. They are ideal for use with materials that are able to convey UV light, such as glass or plastic. Common industries served include but are not limited to Wide Format Inkjet Printing, Medical Device Manufacturing, Military Applications, Aerospace, Automotive and more.

Why Choose DoctorUV

Since 1987, DoctorUV has built a reputation as an industry leader in linking engineering innovations and cost-effective, repeatable, and validated manufacturing processes. DoctorUV offers technical solutions to complex problems through a wide array of services and products, including our UV and LED Systems and Equipment, UVC Disinfection ProductsCorona and Plasma Surface Treating Solutions and more. Our staff and management have over 113 years of combined experience in helping manufacturers get their products to market and to keep their equipment operating properly.

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