The 3:1 Reflector Rule

The 3:1 rule is very easy: Every third bulb change you must change your reflector and quartz. The reason? UV is very damaging and will cause what is known as "Devitrification" to the quartz. When quartz is devitrified it becomes opaque and brittle and blocks almost all of the UV from passing through. After repeated exposure to high intensity UV light, reflectors (like most things on earth) will be irreparably damaged and have a cloudy appearance. Keep in mind over 70% of your UV curing energy is reflected. Bad reflector = bad cure.

If you install a new bulb into a lamp that has a worn out reflector and devitrified quartz you're wasting money and operating at about 30% of your lamp system's optimal power.

DOCTORUV.COM has found a good "rule of thumb" is to change your quartz and reflector every third bulb change.

Now you know the 3:1 rule.