Heraeus Semray Collage 1

Heraeus' New Plug and Play Semray - Modular LED Curing

The UV LED Plug & Play Revolution
Heraeus’ Semray

Available in 365, 385 & 395nm

Industrial curing processes are complex requiring a lot of experience and application know-how. For this it is important to rely on a curing system, which also helps minimizing down time and still delivers a brilliant quality.
This new LED system is versatile applicable and fulfills many different curing process requirements, without sacrificing quality and performance.
The easy-to-use plug & play revolution – and the smart solution for your production chain. The Heraeus Semray provides smart answers to all your challenges.


Benefits at a Glance

Productivity – Increase uptime thanks to plug & play concept and global technical support
Output – Reliable and maximized UV energy with minimum stray light for differnect wavelengths
Retrofitting – Stay up-to-date with the latest technology thanks to replacable LED channels
Flexibility – Fits to any machine width and working distance due to flexible UV LED segment concept and special advanced micro-optics
Performance  - Sophisticated materials and cutting-edge design combined with high-quality and state-of the-art LED technology

System Features

  • One UV LED Segment
  • One Backplane
  • One Data Cable
  • One Power Cable
  • Independent of the width