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Laser Marking

DoctorUV is your leading resource for laser marking equipment. We stock TriStar UV laser marking systems that create permanent “printing” on rubber, plastic, Teflon, and other substrates. These devices alter the chemical makeup of the material to provide indelible lettering, numbering, or other notation without affecting the structure or function of the material itself.
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Laser Marking Industries & Applications

TriStar UV laser marking equipment is used by numerous industries for a wide variety of applications, some of these include:
  • Military manufacturers – Manufacturers of military wiring, parts and equipment use our laser marking equipment for MIL-spec printing and other labeling needs.
  • Aerospace manufacturers – Aerospace manufacturers primarily use our laser marking equipment to label wiring in aeronautic vehicles.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers – Pharmaceutical manufacturers use or custom laser marking equipment to print their company or drug name on capsule shells.
  • Countless other applications – Laser marking is used by countless other industries for their printing needs where traditional ink is ineffective.

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