DoctorUV CoolUV Linear

Specially engineered for inkjet pining and glue curing, the Cool UV Linear module delivers a low dose of UV LED light to the substrate to initiate ink/glue adhesion while preventing dispersion and thermal damage to the substrate.

Powerful UV LED in A Compact Package

The compact footprint and ultra-light weight of the Cool UV Linear system allows it to easily fit between standard inkjet heads. The module is perfectly matched to modern print head configurations, and can be used with both static and moveable print heads. Additionally, these lights are modular and can be stacked together to create a larger curing field.

With microsecond control, instant on/off, and high intensity, multi-wavelength output, the Cool UV Linear UV LED module provides allows for greater flexibility in ink and substrate formulation. Standard configurations are available in 365nm and 385nm wavelengths.

Comprehensive engineering service is available to provide OEMs with special Cool UV Linear modules configured to their unique application requirements.

The UV Experts 

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  • 365nm and 385nm wavelengths standard
  • Standard length: 80mm (3.15”); 120mm (4.7”) modules also available
  • Compatible with both static and moving print head applications
  • Lightweight, ultra-compact footprint
  • Degradation at 10% per 10,000 hours
  • Consistent UV output
  • Uniform radiation
  • Little radiated head output
  • Integrated air cooling
  • Easily replaceable air filter
  • Low power consumption
  • USB or manual control options
  • Modular and stackable’s Cool UV LED Technology

To create our high performance, high output LED UV curing devices, DDU Enterprises, Inc. (a.k.a. combines extensive experience, unrivaled product knowledge, technical expertise, and top quality materials. Our UV LED modules integrate the latest in semiconductor and optical technology, along with advanced thermal, electronic, and mechanical components, and are viable alternatives to older technologies like mercury lamps.’s LED UV curing systems deliver outstanding efficiency and safety, and provide a number of environmental and functional benefits. Contact us to learn more.