The Cool UV LED array from DOCTORUV.com uses single wavelength UV LEDs to greatly reduce process heating. Each module provides the equivalent luminous flux as a 500W lamp. Cool UV LED UV curing arrays are specially designed for applications where the UV source can be brought close to process materials. Common uses include:
  • IC encapsulation
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Surface inspection & discrimination
  • Ink drying
  • UV curing

Low Power, Low Temp, High Performance UV Curing

These modules require only 10% of the power of, and last more than ten times as long as, a standard “H” mercury discharge or fluorescent lamp. The stackable, modular design enables users to build the solution they need, and, as needs change, the configuration of the Cool UV LED array can change with them.

“Cool UV” is more than a catchy name: this module lives up to the moniker, with a maximum operating condition of just 35°C (95°F)—roughly 15°C (59°F) over ambient. Low temperature operation ensures the longest possible working life.

Order online or request a quote on a Cool UV LED array for your UV application. Contact DoctorUV for more information on any of our available UV curing and processing solutions.

Direct Drop-In for Heraeus/Fusion UV Conveyors

The Cool UV LED area light can be used as a direct drop-in UV curing module for Heraeus/Fusion UV LC6 conveyors. Ideal for R&D and formulators, our UV LED units are height adjustable for precise UV exposure.
  Order online or request a quote on a Cool UV LED area light for your UV curing application. Contact DoctorUV for more information on our Cool UV curing technology.


  • Single wavelength UV output
  • Minimal radiated heat
  • Degradation at 10% per 10,000 hours
  • Instant on/off
  • Manual and/or electronic control
  • Impact resistant
  • Mercury and ozone free
  • Modular configuration