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UV Light Technology

Handheld UV Curing System

DoctorUV proudly distributes UV Light Technology's hand held UV curing system.

Adhesives and Resins

UV lamps and equipment to cure UV structural adhesives for bonding glass, plastic, metals, ceramics and ferrites and other UV curing and bonding applications.

Coatings and Encapsulants

UV lamps and equipment used to cure conformal coatings, glob-tops, sealants, potting compounds and encapsulants for electronic and electrical applications.

Fiberglass Resins

Cure UV resins as sheet laminates, paste and gels for composite manufacturing, cladding pipe work and tanks for environmental protection, boat and general repairs.

Paints, primers and clear coats

UV lamps to cure paints, primers, fillers and clear coats for a range of automotive applications, including:

  • Auto-refinish collision repairs

  • Smart repairs of alloy wheels

Inks and lacquers

UV lamps and equipment to cure inks and lacquers in printing processes such as:

  • Ink jet printing

  • Screen printing

  • 3D printing


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