Screen Print Exposure Unit

Increase production in your screen room, with these high output LED ultraviolet lights. With no down time between exposures or waiting for bulbs to cool, you could easily burn 100 screens in a day. Quickly expose direct and indirect emulsions such as Diazo, Photopolymers, Dual Cure and Capillary Films. LED technology lights start instantly and have accurate repeatable exposure times.
It’s as easy as turning on the viewing lights, positioning the fill positive and screen frame to the glass, lowering the vacuum frame and pushing a button. The vacuum quickly draws down the blanket around the frame which holds the fill and screen mesh flat to the glass and your screen image is burned into emulsion with UV light – in a matter of seconds.
Models Available
Screen Frame capacity
(1) 20x24” OR (1) 23x31”
(2) 20x24” or (1) 23x31” or (1) 28x48”
Product#: Screen Print Exposure Unit