Dyne Pens

Pre-treatment dyne testing helps you establish the starting dyne level of your substrate surfaces prior to UV processing. Dyne testing will also help you record the post-treatment dyne level for more efficient and effective production. Knowing your starting and ending treatment levels are key to any surface treatment application.

Enercon’s EnerDyne dyne test pens indicate surface treatment levels on polymer based substrates, helping you establish that the material has been adequately treated prior to the application of ink, paint, adhesives, or coatings.

EnerDyne pens are free of toxic chemicals, making them far safer than traditional dyne test pens.

DoctorUV offers Enercon EnerDyne dyne testing pens in a range of dyne levels and in multi-pen packs for convenience. Order yours today, or request a quoteContact us to learn more about test dyne solutions or any of our UV products.
Product#: DYNE TEST