Custom Conveyor System

Superior Performance & Safety

DoctorUV’s C3020 UV conveyors provide strong, uniform UV coverage with minimal heat thanks to a unique arrangement of quartz hot mirrors and cold dichroic reflectors. UV lamp modules are designed for over 6,000 hours of working life. This UV conveyor features a 30” cure width, 4” part height capacity, and closed loop speed controls for versatile processing capabilities and reliable UV curing.DoctorUV always puts safety first. To that end, the C3020 includes a number of safety features, such as UV blocking doors, a lamp failure alarm tower, conveyor interlock with UV lamps, and an RF microwave leak detector.

DoctorUV’s C3020 UV conveyor systems are proudly made in the USA.
Product Name: C3020DU
Part#: C3020DU
C3020 DDU Custom Conveyor System 

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